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Miss Texas 2018: Meet the Twirlers - Miss Park Cities

Hello Texas Twirl Fans!

The official Miss Texas Countdown is on and this year the Texas Twirling Community is so psyched to support FIVE Texas baton twirlers as they compete for the title of Miss Texas 2018! To make sure our twirlers get the proper level of support from the twirling community, leading up to the Miss Texas pageant (June 25th to June 30th) we will be doing an interview with the baton twirlers that will be competing. We want to come together and unite to celebrate and support these young women as they represent our community and show Texas what twirlers can do!

Our next Miss Texas twirling representative is the 2018 Miss Park Cities, Adaline Bebo!

There are not many in the twirling community that don't recognize the name of Adaline Bebo! On top of being a pageant contestant, Adaline is also a WFNBTA World GOLD and Silver medalist, International Cup Senior Elite Artistic Twirl Gold Medalist, and the Baylor University Golden Girl Feature Twirler Captain. At Baylor, Adaline is majoring in Neuroscience on the Pre-Law track and is coached in baton twirling by Jackie Stewart and Cheryl Wimberley.

PEOPLE'S CHOICE VOTING IS OPEN! Help support our Texas Twirlers in their mission to get baton twirling to the Miss Texas stage! Top 2 highest "votes" get a guaranteed spot to perform in the finals. Check out the People's Choice voting site to donate. Currently we have two twirlers in the Top 5 for People's Choice, but none in the Top 2 yet! Who wants to see these ladies perform live at the Miss Texas Finals? If you do, click on the link and support our twirlers!

Last year Adaline began her adventure with the MAO as Miss Fort Worth where she competed in the 2017 Miss Texas pageant. Adaline did a beautiful job, wowing in her green evening gown, and walking away with an Alpha and Overall Preliminary Talent Award, as well as being a Quality of Life Finalist. For 2018 Adaline is hoping for a repeat talent award and a chance to perform her talent in the finals! Now, lets learn more about Adaline's return to the Miss Texas stage and all has learned from her amazing experiences in the past year.

Miss Texas Platform: No Limitations - Empowered by Possibilities

What was your favorite story from the 2017 Miss Texas Pageant? "I was randomly paired with another competitor and checked-in to my room for the week. I walked in to find that I would be sharing one bed with a total stranger. My roommate and I ended up becoming best friends and spent all of the competition as each other’s #1 fans! (Fun Fact: She is still my BFF! #thesisterhoodisreal)."

What part of Miss Texas Week are you most looking forward to? "I am so excited to show a different side of twirling to new audiences when I perform my talent routine!"

Which part of Miss Texas Week are you most nervous to return to? "I’m nervous to meet my roommate for the week! I had such a great experience last year that it will be hard to top, but I’m looking forward to meeting all of the new girls!"

What lesson did you learn last year that you are taking to heart this time? "The sisterhood is real! I feel so blessed to be competing alongside such incredibly smart, strong, and caring women!"

What do you feel you did the strongest last year? How will you repeat? "Last year, I won the preliminary Alpha (Rookie) and Overall Talent awards - I’m looking forward to returning with my new talent routine and sharing my unique twirling style with the world!"

What have you done differently in your preparations this year? "I have such a wonderful board of directors overseeing my preparations this year! They have been incredibly helpful in building my interview skills, competition wardrobe, and excitement for the job of Miss Texas! They have helped me succeed in areas that will benefit long after competing."

If you could go back and tell yourself something before last year's Miss Texas week, what would it have been? "START PACKING SOONER!!!"

Now that you are a seasoned competitor, what advice would you have for a competitor experiencing Miss Texas week for the first time? "I would tell them exactly what my mom told me before my first pageant! I was so nervous and on the brink of backing out when she told me, 'you have prepared for this your entire life, whether you’ve known it or not, and the experiences you’ve had and the kindness in your heart are going to be what earn you that crown, because it’s certainly not going to be the amount of time you’ve practiced walking in an evening gown'." (LOVE THIS!)

We want to wish Adaline the very best during Miss Texas week. We know with her amazing twirling skills and experience she will be a name to watch! The Texas Twirling Community is so proud of Adaline and excited to see her representing us. #TeamTexas supports you! Good Luck!

We hope you have enjoyed this blog post. We are always looking for great new stories about Texas twirlers. Do you have an idea or some information we could use to help highlight our sport? Contact us at and we would love to hear more about it.

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