Thursday, December 31, 2020

3...2...1... Happy 2021! 2020 Year End Countdown

Hello and Happy New Year Texas Twirl Fans!

The past year has definitely been one we will never forget, even if we wanted to. Between half of our contest season being cancelled, and this new season starting off with uncertainty, it is not quite the year anyone was hoping for. However, it has been amazing seeing our Texas Twirling community pulling together. Between participating in fundraisers, supporting each other virtually, and finding new ways to continue performing, #TeamTexas is going strong. We cannot wait to see everyone again safely, but until then, here is our year end wrap up!

Even though the season was only three months long, #TeamTexas still pulled out some great moments:
  • 17 Texas Twirlers represented at the Twirl Mania Championship
  • Jaidyn Poole won 13-14 Adv. Miss Twirl Mania & the Adv. X-Strut Mousecar
  • Halle Burton was a finalist for the Twirl Maniac Challenge
  • Caroline Carothers held the first UT Twirler for a Day
  • Twirling Sweet Sensations fundraised with their super cute "Quarantwirling" shirts
  • Texas Touch of Class performed a neighborhood show called "United We Stand"
  • Kaylee Williams & Josie Linson performed for nursing homes
  • The first Texas based Virtual Twirling Contest was held in June
  • JJ Super Starzzz Camp + Central TX Twirl Camp were safely held in person
  • The Texas Tech Twirlers showed everyone you can legit twirl in stadium bleachers
  • The Fall Twirling Festival & ATX Holiday Twirl Fest were safely held in person

Another fun moment that came out of 2020 was the "Quarantine Queens" movement. All of our SW Regional National Qualifiers joined together to sport the Texas colors and show support for each other! 

For the blog this year, we have continued to live out our mission (the best we could), by helping to keep our community connected and going strong. We put many, many hours into this blog and the Texas Twirl website, and it just makes every minute totally worth it when we see Texas Twirlers supporting each other all across the state. #TeamTexas is amazing, and we are so blessed to be a part of it! 

With the need for alternative options to keep us pushing forward, and tons of down time on our hands, we were able to implement several new things in 2020 that we are very proud of...

While we do have many plans for posts in 2021, we are always looking for fun, new angles and information to share. Have an idea for an upcoming post or some exciting news to share with the #TeamTexas Twirling community? Email, and we would love to hear about it!

Now, to celebrate, here is our annual Goodbye 2020 post to take a look back on the past year of this blog's existence, and recognize those that have helped contribute to our mission...

*Total Number of Blog Page Views Since January 1st - 13,313 views
*Top Friday Night Lights Feature Post - Claudia Taylor Johnson HS Twirlers
*Top Collegiate Twirler Spotlight Post - Baylor University Golden Girls
*Highest # of Likes on Instagram - Baylor Collegiate Twirler Spotlight Post
*Highest # of Likes on Facebook - Jaidyn wins 13-14 yo Miss Twirl Mania
*Highest # of Shares on Facebook - SW Regionals Contest Calendar Series Post
*Highest Viewed Contest Calendar Series - 2020 Dallas Twirling Festival
*Highest Viewed Collegiate Twirler Announcement - Kilgore College Twirlers

Top 10 Posts By Page View Numbers:
Congrats to all of those who made it into the end of year wrap up and Top 10 list, and a big thank you to everyone who has read, liked, shared, or contributed to any of our posts this year.

Until the next post, we leave you with our wishes that you have a fantastic new year...