Wednesday, August 31, 2016

#TeamTexas Support - Miss Texas at Miss America!

Have you been to and seen the beautiful young lady representing the great State of Texas? The Texas Twirling Community is so proud that our very own Caroline Carothers has won the title of Miss Texas 2016....  and she is now only 12 days away from competing at Miss America 2017!!!

Caroline, a Baylor University Golden Girl Feature Twirler and education major, did an amazing job at the 2016 Miss Texas pageant. She won prelim talent with her baton twirling routine, and wowed in a beautiful teal dress and excellent education focused interview answer. Texas twirlers all across the state held their breath as they announced the 1st runner up, and there were many scream as we all realized Caroline was this year's winner. Having this title go to such a great twirling role model, and overall nice person, was a huge win for all of us.

Our Miss Texas has now traveled to Atlantic City for the two weeks of prep and rehearsals leading to the official crowning night of Miss America 2017. If you would like to follow along on Caroline's journey to the Miss America stage, please visit or you can follow her on Instagram @missamericatx.

Would you like to help support Caroline in her quest for the crown? If you have not already (or even if you have... you can vote every day!!!) please visit to vote for Caroline as America's Choice. Please share this link and vote as much as you can. We would all love to see her perform her talent on live television, and this is one way to help make that happen.

Good luck Caroline! We will all be tuning in to ABC on September 11th to cheer you on!

Photo credit: Caroline's Miss Texas Facebook Page.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Texas Twirling News - Twirler for a Day & "Twirl Life" Premiere

Hello Texas Twirl Fans! First... lets have a little celebration that this blog has reach over 8,000 pageviews! Not too shabby for launching only 8 weeks ago. Thank you for all of your support!

We hope everyone had a great return to school and that all of our field twirlers are ready for a great new season. Starting next week we will be launching an exciting new feature on this blog in conjunction with the NBTA Texas Twirlers Facebook Page that you will not want to miss, so stay tuned.

For today's blog we have two important pieces of news to pass along:

(1) For those of you that attended the Corpus Christi contest in March or the State Championship in June, you are aware that TLC is filming a TV show tentatively titled "Twirl Life". This is a reality show that is following the Dazzling Divas twirling team out of Houston, lead by Crystal Evans.
The show is finally scheduled to premier on WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28TH on TLC. We know the Texas Twirling Community is very curious and excited to see this show (and if our twirlers end up as TV stars!!!), so we wanted to pass that info along. For more info on the Dazzling Divas, you can follow them on Facebook at

(2) This year we have two great Universities offering "Twirler for a Day" programs! This is very exciting for our Texas students and we hope to see the Texas Twirling Community come out BIG for both of these events. They will be held at the University of Texas - Permian Basin on Saturday, September 11th and at the University of Houston on Saturday, October 29th. With both of these programs, twirlers will get to learn a new routine and perform it for half time at a real collegiate football game!

For more information about the September 11th Falcons Twirling Camp on September 11th, please print the registration form or email Marlene Torres at with questions.

For more information about the October 29th University of Houston Twirler Day, please follow or you can email Jennifer Garrison at

Saturday, August 20, 2016

2017 Feature Twirler Opening - Texas Tech University

One aspect of the Twirling is Catching - TX Edition Blog is to share information about the twirling world, including information for graduating seniors seeking Collegiate twirling positions. Our first opening that we are sharing for the 2017 Fall Season comes from Raiderland out of Texas Tech University!

Texas Tech University Twirling Line and Feature Twirler Coordinator/Coach Bethany Tolley shares...

"ATTENTION!!! The Feature Twirler position at Texas Tech University will be available in 2017.

Our lovely Sydney Webster will be graduating soon! Texas Tech University is located in Lubbock, TX and is a member of the Big 12 Conference. Our football team is very successful and you would be performing in front of 65,000+ loud and wonderful fans in Jones AT&T Stadium. You will be a member of the Goin' Band from Raiderland- One of the largest marching bands in the nation!

This position has a history of having some of the best twirlers in the land. Brenda Cunningham Wiseman, Cindi Bourland Archer, Megan Shawn Schuler, Lee Riley Bobbitt, Amanda Tolley and Bethany Tolley.

This position requires outstanding twirling ability. The ideal candidate would have multiple state and regional championship titles as well as a national ranking. Specifically, we look for speed, gracefulness, multiple baton work, dance ability and fantastic showmanship!

At this time, the Feature Twirler does receives a partial scholarship. The Feature Twirler will also receive a paid trip to nationals to represent Texas Tech individually and on the competition team.

If you are interested, you should send a DVD or YouTube link of live field twirling and competition twirling performances. Submit this along with a resume to Bethany Tolley (Coach/Coordinator of the Texas Tech Twirlers) by January 30th, 2017. Videos and resumes will be viewed by a selection committee. The final candidates will be selected by mid February to participate in the live audition later in the spring.

**You must be accepted by Texas Tech University prior to live audition**

Please send Resume & Video Footage to:
Bethany Tolley
Coach/Coordinator of the Texas Tech Twirlers
5001 96th
Lubbock, TX 79424

If you have any questions please email Beth Tolley at"

We know the whole Texas Twirling community will greatly miss Sydney and we wish her all the best after graduation and are all ready to cheer her on her for final season as the Tech Feature Twirler.
Hooray Sydney! GO TECH! Wreck 'EM!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

#TeamTexas AYOP 2016 - Photo & Pageant Recap

Now that everyone is home and hopefully recovered from AYOP, it is time to do our recap!

First, lets give a big shout out to Pat Montgomery for organizing the super cute pink Texas shirts. It was so fun seeing the sea of pink walking around the building, and the pictures of all the Texas twirlers from the arena were just icing on the cake. Thank you Pat! We also want to thank all the Texas families that participated in getting the shirts. What a fun new tradition for our Texas Twirlers.

We also wanted to recognize our wonderful Pageant representatives that placed Top 10 in their overall pageant or one of their individual pageant events. We loved hearing "from TEXAS" over the microphone so many times in the pageant award ceremonies.
Some of the Advanced Competitors & Miss Majorette of America Contestants - (Left to Right - Left Picture) Kendal Baker, Rachel Hutchinson, Emma Zuar, Sydney Webster, Haylee Castagna, Lindsey McCormick, Isabel Obias, Allie Pellerito, Maggie Barnett (Left to Right - Right Picture) Rachel Hutchinson, Emma Zuar, Haylee Castagna, Erica Kuntz, Rebekah Gonzales, Amber Sorenson, Analeia Aleman (front)

  • Collegiate Miss Majorette of America
    • Sydney Webster - 1st in Modeling, 17th in X-Strut, 7th in Solo, 7th overall
    • Lindsey McCormick - 4th in Modeling, 11th in Solo, 18th in X-Strut, 12th overall
    • Erica Kuntz - 9th in Modeling, 22nd in Solo, 10th in X-Strut, 16th overall
  • Miss Majorette of America
    • Adaline Bebo - 4th in Modeling, 2nd in Solo, 7th in X-Strut, 3rd overall
    • Isabel Obias - 18th in Modeling, 15th in Solo, 20th in X-Strut, 15th overall
  • Little Miss Majorette of America
    • Analeia Aleman - 4th in Modeling, 2nd in Solo, 5th in X-Strut, 4th overall

Some of the Beginner & Intermediate National Pageant Contestants - (Left to Right) Jacie Conway, Payton Jones, Molly Green, Hannah-Belle Kacher, Chailie Alsaffar, Julie Griffee, Kaitlin McNeill, Abby Neuman, Shae Willingham, K.K. Tunnell, Nicole Carter, Brylee Jesko, Ellie Maynard, and Adelyn Brotherton.

  • Intermediate Tiny Tot
    • Adelyn Brotherton - 2nd in Modeling, 3rd in X-Strut, 6th in Solo, 4th overall
    • Jacie Conway - 4th in Modeling, 5th in X-Strut, 5th in Solo, 5th overall
  • Intermediate Juvenile
    • Jenna Bowen - 9th in Modeling, 5th in X-Strut, 5th in Solo, 4th overall
    • Payton Jones - 6th in X-Strut
  • Intermediate Junior
    • Abby Morgan - 2nd in Modeling
  • Intermediate Senior
    • Kaitlen McNeill - 6th in Modeling, 10th in Solo
    • Abby Neuman - 2nd in Modeling
  • Beginner Pre-Teen
    • Molly Green - 4th in Modeling
  • Beginner Junior
    • K.K. Tunnell - 8th in Modeling, 3rd in X-Strut, 10th overall
    • Chailie Alsaffar - 3rd in Modeling, 4th in X-Strut, 7th overall
  • Beginner Senior
    • Julie Griffee - 6th in Modeling, 5th in X-Strut, 11th overall
    • Shae Willingham - 2nd in Modeling, 4th in X-Strut, 7th overall

**Photo Credit to Mary Ann Srulowitz & April Zuar**

Thursday, August 4, 2016

#TeamTexas - Celebrating 7000 page views & AAU Jr. Olympic Nationals

Hello Texas Twirling Fans!

Sorry for the delay in coverage. I have spent the past week at the AAU Junior Olympic Baton Twirling Nationals held this week in Houston. We had some amazing Texas representation, but first...

This blog has hit 7000 page views as of this evening! WOW! That has all been since the first shared post made on July 1st. In only 35 days we have hit such an impressive number. Thank you all for your support!!!

Now, on to results from the AAU Junior Olympic Games...

Texas representatives at the games included Rebekah Gonzales, Morgan Bull, Isabel Obias, Rachel Hutchinson, Emma Newsoroff, Jillian Romaguera, Sophia Dinubilo, Lauren Patillo, Jacie Conway, Madison Frantzen, Kayla Rhone, Ivione Nicks-Mack, Emerald Sterling, & Trinity Simmons

Congrats to the following Junior Olympic title holders. You all did an amazing job representing Texas at AAU and we are proud to call you some of our own. Great job ladies! We are all so proud of you.
  • Isabel Obias - All Around Champion for Elite 16-18
  • Rachel Hutchinson - All Around Champion for Advanced 16-18
  • Rebekah Gonzales - All Around Champion for Collegiate
  • Rebekah Gonzales - Collegiate Half Time Champion
  • Rebekah Gonzales - Collegiate Down Field Champion
  • Jacie Conway - Intermediate 7-9 One Baton Champion
  • Trinity Simmons - Intermediate 13-15 Two Baton Champion
  • Rachel Hutchinson - Intermediate 16-18 Two Baton Champion
  • Rachel Hutchinson - Beginner 16-18 Three Baton Champion
  • Rachel Hutchinson - Advanced 16-18 X-Strut Champion
  • Sophia Dinubilo - Adv/Elite 10-12 Basic Strut Champion
  • Trinity Simmons - Adv/Elite 13-15 Basic Strut Champion
  • Sophia Dinubilo - Adv/Elite 10-12 Military Strut Champion
  • Trinity Simmons - Adv/Elite 13-15 Military Strut Champion 
  • Jillian Romaguera - Nominated by judges for Dan Galbraith Award
(this list may not include everyone since Day 4 results were not posted yet)