Friday, July 29, 2016

#TeamTexas AYOP 2016 - Photo Update and Twirl Offs

Hello Texas Twirl Fans from Day 4 of AYOP!

Just a reminder for everyone, the All Texas Twirler photo is today. Meet at 5:30 in the foyer (at the stairs) wearing your pink team Texas shirt. If you didn't get one just wear pink or whatever you have on.

If you are doing top 5 twirloffs we will wait for you! Just text me at 512-848-7426 if you still haven't gone by 5.15. If you are in adv twirl offs or collegiate, don't worry about the shirt. Just come in what you have on!!!

Also! We have 8 Texas Twirlers in the advanced strut offs this afternoon! We are so excited for all of you. Know that all of TX is routing for you!!!

16+ Strut (Tx took 5 of 25 twirl off spots!)
*Sydney Webster
*Adaline Bebo
*Merri-France's Dmitrzak
*Erica Kuntz
*Isabel Obias

16+ Solo
*Adaline Bebo
*Erica Kuntz
*Sydney Webster

16+ 2-Baton
*Isabel Obias
*Sydney Webster
*Adaline Bebo

13-15 X-Strut
*Cayla Watson

0-6 Solo & 2-Baton
*Analeia Aleman

Men's Solo & 2-Baton
*Griffin Maynard

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

#TeamTexas AYOP 2015 - Texas Knows Modeling!

Wow! Wow! Wow! Only 1.5 days in and we have had some pretty exceptional performances from our Texas Twirlers!

Most notable is the Texas presence in the All American Girl Modeling. Out of 7 divisions, a Texas girl won 5 of them! Wow! Almost a clean sweep! Congrats to:
*Adelyn Brotherton (0-6)
*Kaylynn Lambert (10-12)
*Abby Morgan (13-15 "D-P")
*Chailie Alsaffar (13-15 "Q-C")
*Haylee Castagna (16+ "R-C")
 Way to represent ladies! We are so proud!

We also had 8 other Texas twirlers place in All American Girl Model. Congrats to Molly Green, KK Tunnell, Emma Zuar, Alessandra Marotta, Brooklyn Maxwell, Jenna Bowen, Ashley Sneed, and Kristin Baker.

As Pat Green said... "The girls from Texas are just a little bit better", and at modeling you proved it!

 Other notable placements have included:
*Adaline Bebo made the Top 6 for the "Big One". Sic Em Bears
*Analeia Aleman and Alexis Archer made the Top 15 for the "Little Big One"
*Griffin Maynard made finals for Men's National and Men's 2 baton
*Abby Morgan and Rebekah Gonzales won Beginner 31+ Duet
*Placing Top 8 in 3 baton in their respective divisions (and earning an invitation to the Twirl Mania Gold event in February): Paige Glass, Abby Morgan, Maggie Barnett, Emily Mitchell, Sydney Webster, Alex Bridges, Merri-Frances Dmirtzak, Brooklyn Maxwell, Amber Sorenson, and Kirby Stanek
*Placing Top 10 in their Show Twirls: Megan Garcia, Mia Willingham, Chailie Alsaffar

 Congrats to all the Texas Twirlers so far! Can't wait to see what the rest of the week brings!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

#TeamTexas AYOP 2016 - Deep In The Heart!

Wow! We have finally made it to the first day of the big event! So many exciting things will go on this week. Thank you so much for following the journey to meet all 73 Texas Twirlers participating this week at the 2016 America's Youth On Parade. In only 26 days this blog has seen over 5,500 hits! We are humbled by the support and cannot wait to see where this blog goes in the future.

Please keep checking out this blog throughout the week to see postings of results. You can also follow the Tumblr account to see all of the Top 10 lists that include Texas twirlers as they are posted.

As our last post introducing #TeamTexas, we wanted to list all of our twirlers that will be respresenting the Southwest Region or Texas State in the National Pageants. Please keep these ladies in your thoughts this week and wish them great performances as they compete in their respective pageants. We would love to hear lots of Texas names in those award ceremonies!

We also want to send a shout out to some Texas twirlers that will be attending AYOP representing their respective Out of State colleges... Good luck to Lindsay McCormick (Collegiate Miss Majorette of Missouri), Haylee Castagna (Miss Majorette of the South), Michaela Reynolds (Collegiate Miss Majorette of the Mid South), & Catherine Potter (Collegiate Miss Majorette of Arkansas).

Finally, we want to wish a final round of Good Luck to all 73 twirlers attending from Texas this week and keep your eyes out for these names on the award postings! Way to go Texas Twirlers! Your State loves all of you!!! #TeamTexas

Emily Mitchell * K.K. Tunnell * Payton Jones * Erica Kuntz * Chailie Alsaffar * Jenna Bowen * Emma Zuar * Molly Green * Haylee Castagna * Paxton Parliament * Adelyn Brotherton * Jacie Conway * Kaylie Bull * LoRee Price * Nicole Carter * Kaitlen McNeill * Brylee Jesko * Kendal Baker * Lilly Barnett * Maggie Barnett * Alex Bridges * Rachel Dugan * Brooklyn Maxwell * Melinda Branson * Hannah-Belle Kacher * Bethany Williams * Julie Griffee * Makayla Wood * Abigail Neuman * Ellyn Clay * Kirby Stanek * Sydney Webster * Shae Willingham * Claudia Hernandez * Lyndzie Allbright * Adrianna Chaves * Allyson Padron * Reagan McWilliams * Tiera Johnson * Analeia Aleman * Alexis Archer * Tricia Still * Ashley Sneed * Alessandra Marotta * Ellie Maynard * Griffin Maynard * Shaylee Sjolander * Jeannie Pruett * Cayla Watson * Kaylynn Lambert * Megan Garcia * Piper Vegh * Kayla Flournoy * Miranda Wright * Amber Sorenson * Stephanie Garza * Cara Watson * Delaney Laza * Paige Farrah * Mia Oliveras * Sophie Carnes * Isabel Obias * Rachel Hutchinson * Olivia Pacheco * Kristin Baker * Paige Glass * Mia Willingham * Madeline Wood * Abby Morgan * Kathleen Knesek * Keely Knesek * Rebekah Gonzales * Allie Pellerito

Monday, July 25, 2016

#TeamTexas AYOP 2016 - Alamo City Strutters

Can you believe AYOP starts tomorrow morning? Today will be full of travel, vendor shopping, and getting in that last minute practice time before tomorrow turns into a full week of all day competition. We hope everyone has made it safely to South Bend and is ready for what this week will unfold.
Our final group we are introducing is the Alamo City Strutters right out of the Alamo City. These San Antonio area twirlers are coached by Pat Montgomery and Kelli Montgomery Park. The Alamo City Strutters will be represented by seven competitors, including two collegiate twirlers, four pageant representatives, and two sets of siblings!
We know you ladies are ready to go and will do a great job showing what San Antonio can do!
Pictured below from Left to Right:
  • Madeline Wood - Brandeis High School Feature Twirler
  • Paige Glass - Gonzales High School Feature Twirler
  • Shae Willingham - 2016 Senior Beginner Southwest Regional Pageant Winner & Tech Twirler
  • Mia Willingham - 2016 Juvenile Texas State Basic Skills Pageant Winner
  • Rebekah Gonzales - University of Houston Feature Twirler & Collegiate Pageant Royalty
  • Abby Morgan - 2016 Intermediate Junior Texas State Pageant Winner
  • Kathleen Knesek (not pictured)
  • Keely Knesek (not pictured)

Sunday, July 24, 2016

#TeamTexas AYOP 2016 - Mickey's Majorettes

Welcome to the Sunday before the big event! We have all been working and counting down to get ready for AYOP and it is the day after tomorrow. In one week, it will all be over and the new 2016 National Champions will be awarded.
We hope to see the names from this next group on many of the Top 10 postings. Today we are going to introduce the four ladies that will be attending AYOP from the Mickey's Majorettes. Mickey's Majorettes is taught by the wonderful Patti Mickey, and they are based out of The Woodlands, Texas.
Good Luck this week Mickey's Majorettes! All of Texas is rooting for you!
Pictured from Left to Right:
  • Kristin Baker - Texas Christian University Feature Twirler
  • Olivia Pacheco - 2016 Pre-Teen Beginner Texas State Pageant Winner
  • Rachel Hutchinson - 2016 Junior Miss Majorette of the Southwest
  • Isabel Obias - 2016 Senior Miss Majorette of Texas

Saturday, July 23, 2016

#TeamTexas AYOP 2016 - Stingerettes

As we mentioned in a previous post, Texas is sending 72 twirlers to AYOP! Wow! That is exciting and will be so much fun to follow everyone and their success.
This next group is contributing the most members to that number AND they are the ones traveling from the most southern part of Texas. The Stingerettes from Corpus Christi have 13 competitors attending the 2016 NBTA Nationals. The Stingerettes are based out of the Nancy Eisenhauer School of Twirling and are coached by Nancy Eisenhauer, Kim Berger, and Keely Davis.
The Stingerettes are not only State & Regional champions in individual competition, but they hold many years of State & Regional Team titles. For AYOP, the Stingerettes are sending two different competition teams including an Advanced Dance Twirl Team and a Half Time Show Team.
We know the Stingerettes will do a great job representing Texas in their Team, Pageant, and individual events. Good Luck Stingerettes! We will see you at Notre Dame.
Pictured Standing Left to Right
  • Miranda Wright
  • Piper Vegh - Flour Bluff High School Twirler
  • Stephanie Garza Kayla Flournoy - King High School Twirler
  • Kaylynn Lambert - 2016 Pre-Teen Miss Majorette of Texas
  • Cayla Watson - 2016 Junior Miss Majorette of Texas & Flour Bluff HS Twirler
  • Amber Sorenson - Advanced Pre-Teen Pageant Royalty
  • Sophie Carnes
  • Coach - Keely Davis Pictured
Kneeling Left to Right
  • Delaney Laza
  • Megan Garcia - 2016 Pre-Teen Intermediate Texas State Pageant Winner
  • Paige Farrah
  • Mia Oliveras - 2016 Juvenile Beginner Southwest Regional Pageant Winner
  • Cara Watson (front)

Friday, July 22, 2016

#TeamTexas AYOP 2016 - Twirl ATX, Austin Twirling Academy

Welcome to travel weekend! All of our great Texas Twirlers are finishing up their last practices on Texas soil and are Notre Dame bound. We want to wish everyone safe travels as you venture your way to South Bend.

Our next team hails from the capital of our great State. Twirl ATX, Austin Twirling Academy, is located and operated in Austin, TX. This team will be sending students to AYOP for the 3rd time in their 3 years of operation. Twirl ATX is coached by co-directors Ashley Wood & Whitney Coons, and coach Sara Rudin.

This year Twirl ATX is sending four competitors. Meet the 2016 Twirl ATX AYOP team:
  • Ellie Maynard (top): 2016 Beginner Tiny Tot Texas State Pageant Winner
  • Griffin Maynard (bottom): 2016 SW Regional & TX State Men’s Solo & Rhythmic Champion
  • Shaylee Sjolander (right): 2016 Novice 10 yr old SW Regional & TX State X-Strut Champion
  • Jeannie Pruett (left): 2016-17 Henry MS Twirler, TX State Novice Strut & Solo Champion
Good luck this year Twirl ATX! Enjoy the experience and leave it all on that bright, shiny, Notre Dame floor.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

#TeamTexas AYOP 2016 - Texas Gems

Only T-minus 5 days until the kickoff of AYOP! We know all those traveling are busy packing, preparing, and trying to get in as many hours at the gym as possible. These next two girls are no exception!

Tonight's post takes us to good ol' San Antone to meet two ladies from the Texas Gems. The Texas Gems, based out of San Antonio, was started and coached by Major Margaret Mann. Margaret has teamed up with her daughter, Melinda Mann White, and two former students, Tori May & Heather Harmer Hayden, to make up the awesome coaching team that is the heart of the Texas Gems.

For 2016, the Texas Gems will be sending two competitors to America's Youth On Parade! On the left we have Alessandra Marotta, and on the right we have Ashley Sneed.

Alessandra is currently the Feature Twirler for Central Catholic High School and will be competing in events for the Intermediate Junior division.

Ashley Sneed just finished representing San Antonio as Miss Alamo City at the Miss Texas competition and will be competing in events for the Advanced Senior division.

All of Texas wishes Alessandra and Ashley good luck and we can't wait to see you all in Indiana!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

#TeamTexas AYOP 2016 - Team Aleman & Team Archer + Blair's Elite

Good morning Texas Twirl fans! This week we have a fun post because we will actually be looking at three twirlers from different areas of the State. These fantastic twirlers are all traveling as the sole representative of their coaches. We wish all three of them the very best of luck, and we cannot wait to cheer on Analeia and Alexis in their respective Tiny Tot pageants!

Analeia Aleman (pictured on the left)
  • 2016 Tiny Tot Miss Majorette of Texas
  • 2016 Tiny Tot State X-Strut Champion
  • 2016 Tiny Tot State Solo Champion
  • Taught by her aunt, Brianna Costello Martin, and her mom, Christina Costello Aleman
  • Analeia is very excited to represent Texas at AYOP. She is practicing hard everyday and looks forward to seeing everyone in South Bend. Good Luck to all!!
Alexis Archer (pictured in the middle)
  • 2016 Tiny Tot Beginner Southwest Regional Pageant Winner
  • 2016 Tiny Tot Novice Regional & Beginner State X-Strut champion
  • 2016 Tiny Tot Beginner Texas State Solo Champion
  • Taught by Cindi Archer and Sharon Arber and is from Plano/DFW
Tricia Still (pictured on the right)
  • Senior and Feature Twirler at Kilgore High School
  • Twirls with Blair's Elite Twirling Academy (BETA) in Kilgore, TX
  • The owner/director of BETA is Blair Maxwell

Friday, July 15, 2016

#TeamTexas AYOP2016 - Texas Tech Twirlers & BT Performers

AYOP is just around the corner. Who else is getting crazy excited? So much to do, so many more hours to spend in the gym, and only a week to do it.
Our next group we are featuring is in full on focus mode right now. The Texas Tech University Twirlers, out of Lubbock, TX, are geared up to defend their 2015 National Title as the Collegiate Half Time Show Twirl Champions. The Texas Tech Twirling line is coached by Bethany Tolley, who also coaches the BT Performers. Between the Twirling Line and the BT Peformers, Bethany will be supporting 10 twirlers this year at AYOP!
The BT Performers that will be attending AYOP include (pictured on the Left).
  • Sydney Webster (white & red) - 2016 College Miss Majorette of Texas, the Texas Tech Feature Twirler, and 2nd Runner Up at the Miss Texas pageant (as Miss Lubbock).
  • Kirby Stanek (red) - 2016 Pre-Teen Miss Majorette of the Southwest
The Texas Tech Twirlers that will be attending AYOP include (pictured on the Right):
  • Shae Willingham (Soph) - 2016 Beginner Senior Southwest Regional Pageant Winner
  • Claudia Hernandez (Senior) - Texas Tech Head twirler, competing in Intermediate 16+
  • Lyndzie Allbright (Senior) - competing in Intermediate 16+
  • Adrianna Chaves (Junior) - competing in Advanced 16+
  • Allyson Padron (Junior) - competing in Advanced 16+
  • Reagan McWilliams (Junior) - competing in Intermediate 16+
  • Paxton Parliament (Soph) - competing in Beginner 16+
  • Tiera Johnson (Soph) - competing in Advanced 16+
Along with individual events, Texas Tech Twirling Line will be competing in the Collegiate team events, and Sydney will be competing in the Collegiate Solo & Down the Field competition. We know all of Texas cannot wait to wear our awesome pink #TeamTexas shirts to support these great twirlers on Collegiate night! Wreck 'Em Tech!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

#TeamTexas AYOP 2016 - Twirling Sweet Sensations

The countdown continues! Two weeks from right now we will have all finished up our first day of competition at AYOP at Notre Dame University. So many big events on that first Tuesday, including the Beginner & Intermediate Pageants, which will be a huge deal for our next group...

The Twirling Sweet Sensations out of Schertz, TX will have three students representing the State of Texas in the Beginner & Intermediate pageants, and a total of 7 students attending Nationals. This group is lead by Director/Coach Michele Pangrac, Asst. Director/Coach Mary Ann Srulowitz, and Dance Director Lori Michelle.

A fun fact about this group is that they are one of the only Texas groups competing in team events. The Twirling Sweet Sensations will be competing in the Beginner Junior Small Dance Twirl and Halftime Dance Line events. They currently hold the State & Regional title for both team events, and we wish them a ton of luck on the floor competing on the National stage.

(Top Left) Melinda Branson
*Steele High School Twirler
*Texas State Novice Solo Winner

(Top Right) Hannah Belle-Kacher:
*Intermediate Junior Texas State Pageant Winner
*O'Connor High School Feature Twirler

(2nd Left) Bethany Williams:
*Texas State Beginner Pre-Teen Solo Winner

(Middle Right) Julie Griffee:
*Beginner Senior Texas State Pageant Winner
*Steele High School Twirler

(3rd Left) Makayla Wood:
*Calvary Christian Chapel Academy Feature Twirler

(Bottom Right) Abigail Neuman:
*Intermediate Senior Texas State Pageant Winner
*Steele High School Feature Twirler

(Bottom Left) Ellyn Clay:
*Texas A&M Corpus Christi Twirler

Sunday, July 10, 2016

#TeamTexas AYOP 2016 - SuperStarzzz Twirlers

Did you know there are SEVENTY baton twirlers attending AYOP representing the great State of Texas? 2016 is going to be a great year for #TeamTexas! Only 16 more days until AYOP begins. 

The post today is featuring a group that represents ladies from all over the NE area of Texas including Fort Worth, Rockwall, and East Texas. Let me introduce to you Janice Jackson's SuperStarzzz Twirlers. The Super Starzzz Twirlers are pictured below from Left to Right:
  • Kendal Baker, competing in the Advanced Junior open division
  • Lilly Barnett, competing in the Intermediate Pre-Teen open division
  • Maggie Barnett, Texas State Junior Advanced Pageant Royalty
  • Alex Bridges, Feature Twirler for Southern Methodist University (SMU)
  • Rachel Dugan, Feature Twirler for Stephen F Austin State Univ (SFA)
  • Brooklyn Maxwell, 2016 Juvenile Southwest Regional Basic Skills Pageant Winner
Congrats to these 5 beautiful twirlers on going to AYOP representing Texas. We look forward to following your successes and hope to see your names up on those Top 10 postings!

Friday, July 8, 2016

#TeamTexas AYOP 2016 - M & M Majorettes

Can you believe that in only two weeks everyone will be traveling to South Bend, Indiana for the 2016 AYOP event? It is so close! We know everyone is practicing hard and getting ready for the big week!

The next group we are featuring is from way up in the panhandle. These four fantastic twirlers are part of the M & M Majorettes out of Lubbock, TX, and are coached by Vanessa Moffett & Lorissa Moffett Mason.

The M & M Majorettes attending AYOP are (from Left to Right):
  • LoRee Price, the 2016-17 Frenship High School Feature Twirler
  • Nicole Carter, the 2016 Intermediate Pre-teen Miss Majorette of Texas
  • Kaitlen McNeill, the 2016 Intermediate Senior Miss Majorette of the Southwest & the Feature Twirler for San Angelo State University
  • Brylee Jesko, the 2016 Beginner Juvenile Miss Majorette of Texas

We cannot wait to see the four of you represent your home state in the pageant and open events. Enjoy the experience, and don't forget to prepare to eat your weight in snowcones... you know we all will!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

#TeamTexas AYOP 2016 - Vicki Michelle School of Dance & Twirl

This blog is getting exciting! We have had 1,582 page views since launching our #TeamTexas features. WOW! This level of support just shows what the Texas twirling community is all about!

Today we get to meet two of the members of the Vicki Michelle School of Dance & Twirl in Spring, TX, that are in full on prep mode for NBTA Nationals. 

The first is Jacie Conway, the 2016 Intermediate Tiny Tot Texas State Pageant Winner. Jacie has been performing with the VM School since she was two years old and joined the baby ballet class! Jacie not only loves to twirl, but she also loves the beach, is a straight 'A' student, and when she grows up, she wants to be a performer in Cirque Du Soleil.

The second VM Twirler attending AYOP is Kayli Bull, who will be competing in the Beginner Junior division. Kayli is the feature twirler at Tompkins High School in Katy ISD, where she also plays the flute. She has been dancing since she was one year old, she loves shopping and the color pink, and when she grows up she want to be a surgeon.

Good luck ladies! We know you will both do a great job representing Texas and VM Twirlers!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

#TeamTexas AYOP 2016 - Vick's Chicks

Happy Independence Day everyone! We hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Today we jump to the other side of the DFW Metroplex to meet Vick's Chicks! Vick's Chicks, coached by Vicki Ray, is based out of Fort Worth, TX, but has students from all over the Metroplex area.

First, let's introduce the girls in Gold! From Left to Right:

Emma Zuar is the feature twirler at Keller Central HS. She will be attending AYOP as SW Regional & Texas State Royalty for the Junior division in the National Advanced Pageant.

Molly Green is from Crawford, TX, and is the 2016 Beginner Juvenile Southwest Regional Pageant Winner.

Haylee Castagna is the Vanderbilt University Feature Twirler, and will be competing in the Miss Majorette of America pageant as the 2016 Senior Miss Majorette of the South.

Next we meet these two beautiful Red Raiders!

Paxton Parliament is a member of the Texas Tech University Twirling Line and will be competing with their team at Nationals in the collegiate division.

Adelyn Brotherton is from Denton, TX, and is the 2016 Intermediate Tiny Tot Southwest Regional Pageant Winner.

We wish all five of the Vick's Chicks a successful AYOP Week and wish them luck as they compete in their National Pageants and Collegiate events. 

Sunday, July 3, 2016

#Team Texas AYOP 2016 - Texas Touch of Class

The next group we would like to feature in the countdown to AYOP is from the "Big D"!

We would like to introduce everyone to Texas Touch of Class. This is a group out of Dallas instructed by coaches Shirley Payne and Sheila Payne Rigelsky.

Pictured below from Left to Right are the team members and coaches attending AYOP, which includes:
  • Coach - Sheila Payne-Rigelsky
  • 2016 Beginner Junior Texas State Pageant Winner - K.K. Tunnell
  • 2016 Intermediate Juvenile Texas State Pageant Winner - Payton Jones
  • 2016 College Pageant Royalty, from The University of Texas - Erica Kuntz
  • 2016 Beginner Junior Southwest Regional Pageant Winner - Chailie Alsaffar
  • Coach - Miss Shirley Payne
  • 2016 Intermediate Juvenile Southwest Regional Pageant Winner - Jenna Bowen (not pictured)

All of these talented ladies are super excited to represent the Southwest Region and the great State of Texas. We all want to wish them a big round of good luck and excellent performances as they compete in their respective National pageants.

**If you have students attending AYOP and would like them featured on this blog, please email with their picture and information so we can highlight them here.

Twirlers 'Bring It' to the Miss Texas Stage

This week in Richardson, TX, the Annual Miss Texas & Miss Texas Outstanding Teen competitions were held. For 2016, the Texas twirling community had 3 great representatives - Caroline, Syndey, & Ashley.

All three of these ladies did a "no drop" performance in their preliminary talents! Way to go!

On Tuesday, after preliminaries, Sydney was awarded Overall Talent Winner for the "Tau" group.

On Thursday, after preliminaries, Caroline was awarded Overall Talent Winner for the "Sigma" group, and Sydney was awarded Overall Fitness Winner for the "Tau" group.

Every night that had a baton twirler competing in talent, the Overall Talent Winner was a baton twirler. These three all did a great job of representing our sport.

On the evening of Saturday, July 2nd, the final competition and crowning was held. The event began with announcing the Top 12. Both Sydney and Caroline made the Top 12! During their talent portion, they both did high energy, "no drop" performances that moved them into the Top 8, allowing them to participate in the interview portion of the event.

After the interviews, when they announced the Top 5, Sydney Webster was awarded 2nd Runner Up, and Caroline was awarded the title of the 2016 Miss Texas. This means that of the Top 3 places, 2 of them were awarded to baton twirlers. WOW! We could not be prouder of our Texas twirlers and we cannot wait to see Caroline on the Miss America stage. Congrats ladies on an amazing evening.

Friday, July 1, 2016

#TeamTexas AYOP 2016 - Twirling Prodigies

As we all know, AYOP is just around the corner, and we couldn't be more excited!

To get us all ready to cheer on our Texas Twirlers, for the month of July, this blog is going to follow #TeamTexas and highlight some of the great Texas twirlers that will be attending AYOP.

To start us off we are going to highlight a new team that is sending a student to Nationals for the first time!
We would like to introduce everyone to Emily Mitchell! Emily twirls with the group Twirling Prodigies which is taught by Director/Owner Shelby Elder. This will not only be Emily's first time at AYOP, but it will also be the very first time a member of Twirling Prodigies competes at NBTA Nationals.

A little about Emily... She attends Whiteoak High School in Whiteoak, TX. She will be a sophomore in high school starting in the fall. A fun fact about Emily is that she is also an all-state vocalist in the choir. If she looks familiar, it is because she has sung the National Anthem at the SW Regional and Texas State twirling championships.

Good Luck at AYOP Emily! We hope you have a wonderful time and learn a lot. #TeamTexas is routing for you! Oh yeah... don't forget to bring money for the AYOP cookies. They are a must!

**If you have students attending AYOP and would like them featured on this blog, please email with their picture and information so we can highlight them here.