Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Southwest Regionals 2020 Pageant Recap

Hello Texas Twirl Fans!

We hope everyone had safe travels home from Canyon. Southwest Regionals 2020 is complete and we now know our Regional representatives for this summer at AYOP. We want to send a big thank you and congrats to the amazing contest directors for running such a great contest. The awards were so fun (how cute were those pageant winner cups?), the contest ran efficiently, and there was a wonderful panel of judges. Way to go Gretta Johnson, Brittney Ashcraft, Summer Johnson, and the rest of the Regional team.

We wanted to do a quick Pageant Recap to recognize all our new Pageant Winners and Top 5. Shout out to Wild Skies Photography for the awesome action and award photos. Make sure to visit https://wildskies.smugmug.com/ to view all the pictures from this weekend. Low resolution photos can be downloaded for free, and higher resolution photos can be purchased. Make sure to support them by following Wild Skies Photography on Facebook as well - https://www.facebook.com/WildSkiesPhotos/.

Now, time to meet our 2020 Southwest Regional Pageant Winners and Top 5! Congrats to all the competitors on a fantastic weekend. Less than 14 weeks until we get to do it all again at State!

College Miss Majorette of the Southwest - Abigail Morgan, Texas Tech
2nd Place & Collegiate Pageant Royalty - Julia Arciola, Baylor
3rd Place & Collegiate Pageant Royalty - Ashlyn Therkelson, TCU
4th Place - Alex Bridges, U.T. Southwestern Medical School
5th Place - Alexis Tanner - U.T. San Antonio

Miss Majorette of the Southwest - KK Tunnell
2nd Place & Senior Pageant Royalty - Kaylynn Lambert
3rd Place & Senior Pageant Royalty - Stephanie McBurnett
4th Place - Kirby Stanek
5th Place - Maggie Barnett

Junior Miss Majorette of the Southwest - Jaidyn Poole
2nd Place & Junior Pageant Royalty - Amber Sorenson
3rd Place & Junior Pageant Royalty - Alexandra Kinney
4th Place - Mia Olivarez
5th Place - Ava Medellin

Pre-Teen Miss Majorette of the Southwest - Jacie Conway
2nd Place & Pre-Teen Pageant Royalty - Analeia Aleman
3rd Place & Pre-Teen Pageant Royalty - Katherine Heier

Tiny Tot Miss Majorette of the Southwest - Collyn Lambeck

Intermediate Senior Regional Pageant Winner - Julie Griffee
2nd Place - Katelynn Carter
3rd Place - Sophie Carnes
4th Place - Stephanie Garza
5th Place - Allyson Wilcox

Intermediate Junior Regional Pageant Winner - Molly Green
2nd Place - Chloe Craparotta
3rd Place - Brylee Jesko
4th Place - Shaylee Sjolander
5th Place - Daynie Edwards

Intermediate Pre-Teen Regional Pageant Winner - Izzy Pell
2nd Place - Gabi Rosito
3rd Place - Alani Hinojosa
4th Place - Breckyn Steele
5th Place - Brooklyn Maxwell

Intermediate Juvenile Regional Pageant Winner - Hailey Wood
2nd Place - Skylar Grant
3rd Place - Khloe Page

Beginner Senior Regional Pageant Winner - Audrey Hartley
2nd Place - Erin Dabbs
3rd Place - Samantha Kuntschik
4th Place - Maddy Chapa
5th Place - Tatiana Guillen

Beginner Junior Regional Pageant Winner - Kellen Coke
2nd Place - Gracie Lane
3rd Place - Jaycee Berryhill
4th Place - Aubren Montgomery
5th Place - Diana Garcia

Beginner Pre-Teen Regional Pageant Winner - Sophie O'Reilly
2nd Place - Careum Faughtenbery
3rd Place - Keira George
4th Place - Baryn Brown
5th Place - Keira Britt

Beginner Juvenile Regional Pageant Winner - Jaycee Kelley
2nd Place - Aderyn Ferguson
3rd Place - Lily Easterwood
4th Place - Isadora Parker
5th Place - Ginger Lilie

Beginner Tiny Tot Pageant Winner - Seanna Rigelsky

Senior Basic Skills Pageant Winner - Mayci Wood
2nd Place - Shiloh Peaden
3rd Place - Daniella Torres
4th Place - Alaina Adcox

Junior Basic Skills Pageant Winner - Madelyn Clark
2nd Place - Addison Lee
3rd Place - Briley Harrell
4th Place - Karianne Grove-Collins
5th Place - Alyssa Rodriguez

Pre-Teen Basic Skills Pageant Winner - Kinsey Simeon
2nd Place - Bridgette McCollum
3rd Place - Hannah Jones
4th Place - Emily Bartek
5th Place - Ashlyn Cohen

Juvenile Basic Skills Pageant Winner - Beth Baldwin
2nd Place - Alexa Knotts
3rd Place - Abigail Gorring
4th Place - Joslyn Rodriguez
5th Place - Marissa Mason

Tiny Tot Basic Skills Pageant Winner - Kenley Thomas
2nd Place - Luciana Straub
3rd Place - Jolee Oden
4th Place - Avielle Queen
5th Place - Hollings Morrow

If you are a Beginner or Intermediate Pageant Winner, or a Miss Majorette of the Southwest, please make sure to send a direct message to https://www.facebook.com/TXTwirlers/ so that they can send you the info for the annual Regional Winner highlight posts. 

Also, don't forget to check out http://www.texastwirl.com/contests.html for information and entry forms for many upcoming contests in and around the State of Texas. There are many great contests and camps heading our way, and you don't want to miss out!

We hope you have enjoyed this blog post. We are always looking for great new stories about Texas twirlers. Do you have an idea or some information we could use to help highlight our sport? Please contact us at texastwirlcontact@gmail.com and we would love to hear more about it.

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