Friday, January 24, 2020

2020 Texas Collegiate Twirler Audition Guide

Hello Texas Twirl Fans!

Welcome to the fourth year we are offering this very special feature for the Twirling is Catching Blog! We know senior year is a very exciting time for many twirlers, but it is also a little nerve wracking as twirlers try to decide which University to select. While this is already a hard decision, when you have a dream of twirling on the collegiate level, it adds an addition level of pressure for picking the right place. There are also many current college students that may be deciding between auditioning at their school or other schools. So many choices! Our goal with this feature is to present as much audition information for Texas universities in one place as possible to at least make the process of knowing how to audition easier for our collegiate twirler hopefuls.

If you have any info to update any of these listings, or for a University not listed, please email We will be posting updates as new details become available.

We will also announce many of the Twirler selections for these Universities as the decisions are made, so stay tuned! You can always follow us here, but make sure to also like and follow our Facebook Page at, and Instagram account @twirlingiscatchingtx.

2020 Texas Collegiate Twirler Audition Quick Guide:
*Updated 5/5/2020*
Electronic Audition Submission Deadlines

*February 1st - Sam Houston State University

*February 2nd - Baylor University
*March 1st - Texas Christian University
*March 5th - Tyler Junior College
*March 15th - University of Houston
*March 18th - Texas Tech University 

*March 19th - Univ. of TX Permian Basin
*April 1st (by Noon) - Texas State University
*April 25th - Lamar University Cardinalettes
*July 1st - University of TX San Antonio

Set Live Audition Dates

*February 1st – Stephen F Austin Feature Twirler
*February 1st - Stephen F Austin Twirl-O-Jacks

*March - Sam Houston State Univ. Callbacks
*March 20th - Tyler Junior College 

*March 29 - UT Permian Basin Callbacks
*May 23rd - Kilgore College

Schools Holding Virtual Auditions
*University of TX San Antonio

No Audition Info Available At This Time:
*March - Angelo State University
*Date TBA - Incarnate Word

Not Holding 2020 Auditions:
*SMU “The Doll” Feature Twirler Position
*University of Texas Feature Twirler
*TAMU Corpus Christi

Already completed 2020 Auditions:

*Stephen F Austin Feature Twirler

*Stephen F Austin Twirl-O-Jacks
*Tyler Junior College
*Sam Houston State University
*Texas Christian University
*University of Texas Permian Basin
*Texas Tech University
*Texas State University
*Lamar University

2020 Texas Collegiate Twirler Audition Details:

SAN ANTONIO: University of TX San Antonio
*Will be holding video auditions this year

Audition materials due by July 1st
*2020 USTA Twirler Audition Information
*For more info contact

KILGORE: Kilgore College

*Live Auditions will be May 23rd
*2020 Audition Info & Registration
*The twirler audition information must be
     submitted on the website prior to auditions.
*Contact for info

NACOGDOCHES: Stephen F Austin
*Feature Twirler Auditions February 1st 

*Twirl-O-Jack Live Auditions February 1st
*Twirl-O-Jack Audition Information
*January 25th TOJ Pep Class Available

 HUNTSVILLE: Sam Houston State University

*2020 SHSU Twirler Audition Information
*Materials Submission Deadline - February 1st
*Live Callbacks will be held in March 2020
    - Submit materials to or
             1. Video Submission *NEW*
             2. Twirling/School Resume
             3. 2 letters of recommendation
             4. Photograph in twirling costume

WACO: Baylor University

*Audition videos for 2020 due on February 2nd
*Email all materials to
*2020 Golden Girl Audition Information

FORT WORTH: Texas Christian University

*Audition info must be submitted by March 1st

*Interested students must:

      - Already be accepted to TCU
      - Send twirling resume & letter of intent
      - Submit Videos highlighting twirling ability
*Send materials to
*Email for more info

HOUSTON: University of Houston
*Electronic Materials are due by March 15
*2020 Audition Info for UH Feature Twirlers
*Submit materials or questions to

TYLER: Tyler Junior College
*Audition Info must be submitted by March 5th
*Live Auditions will be on March 20th
*2020 Audition Information for Feature Twirler

ODESSA: University of Texas Permian Basin

*Audition Packet Submission Deadline March 19th
*Seeking Feature and/or Line Twirlers
*Offering up to a $2,000 scholarship per year!
          1. One page resume
          2. 2-3 minute twirling video
          3. A picture of yourself
*Live audition for callback candidates March 29th
*For more info text Marlene at 432-352-6505

LUBBOCK: Texas Tech University
Candidates will be emailed with details
*Twirling Line Audition Information
     - Electronic submissions due by March 18th
     - Submit materials to
          1. Resume & HS/College Transcripts
          2. Letters of Recommendation
          3. Why you want to twirl at Tech

           4. A Picture
SAN MARCOS: Texas State University
*Audition Materials are due by April 1st
*Bobcat Twirler Information
     - Submit materials to
          1. Completed Application
          2. 2 letters of recommendation
          3. Full length photo included
          3. Video <10 minutes of live twirling

BEAUMONT: Lamar University
*There will no longer be a live auditions
*Email for details

*Lamar University Audition Information

No Current Audition Information Available
However, some details from previous year
auditions may be available for reference.

SAN ANGELO: Angelo State University

*Live Auditions will be in March 2020
*For more info contact
*2017 San Angelo Audition Info for Reference

SAN ANTONIO: Univ. of the Incarnate Word
*No Current Auditions Info Available
*Cardinal Band website for reference

No Holding Auditions for 2020

AUSTIN: University of Texas – Austin
*No positions available for 2020
*Will not be holding auditions for Fall
*2019-20 Feature Twirler: Caroline Carothers

DALLAS: Southern Methodist University
*No positions available for 2020
*Will not be holding auditions for Fall
*2019-20 Feature Twirler: Rachel Hutchinson

 CORPUS: Texas A&M – Corpus Christi
*Not holding auditions for 2020


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