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Friday Night Lights Feature - Chapel Hill High School Twirlers

Hello Texas Twirl Fans!

Who else can hear the cheers of the football stadium already? Those Friday Night Lights are getting ready to get fired up, and our Texas Twirlers will once again be on the field entertaining the crowds for week two.

Each season this blog likes to get to know some of these awesome twirlers a little better by learning about them and their experiences. We will be meeting a new High School twirler each Friday through the season with the Friday Night Lights Features, and discovering more about our Texas Collegians with the Collegiate Twirler Spotlights during the week. Make sure to follow us at or on Instagram @twirlingiscatchingtx for lots of live content and Insta-story take overs by some of your favorites.

Today's Friday Night Lights Feature interview is with the Chapel Hill High School Twirlers!

Chapel Hill High School, located in Tyler, TX, has a great group of twirlers on the field this season. Lead by coach Krystal Miller, this year they have both a feature twirler, Katelynn Carter, and a twirling line that includes Captain Katherine Adams, Holly Walton, and Kyndal Houff. How did these girls earn their positions? “High School try-outs for the line require a solo and learning a group routine. Feature Twirler auditions require an additional solo and interview. Captain Tryouts also require an interview and solo. Our band director is a big part of our try out process”.

These twirlers love being a part of the Chapel Hill Community. There are many great traditions at CHHS, but they all agree that the Homecoming Parade is their favorite annual event. 

While they love supporting their football team, in fact they said that the football games are what they miss the most when the season is over, they have a lot of fun as a part of the marching band as well. Their favorite part about being in the marching band is going to marching contests and being able to perform together. 

They also have a lot of fun with their band directors. One of their favorite band inside jokes is Pie in the Face day. “At the end of band camp, we get to put pie in the directors’ faces and then pour ice cold water on them”. Oh boy! 

Now that we have learned a little about being a Chapel Hill Twirler, let’s learn a little more about these ladies!

Katelynn Carter, Senior
Competition Level: Intermediate 16+
Katelynn has been twirling for 8 years. She has been coached by may great instructors including Beth Maddox, Chelsea Conder, and Blair Maxwell. She is the proudest of winning the 2019 Southwest Regional Beginner Junior Pageant and X-Strut titles. Her favorite thing to do with a baton is rolls. “I love learning rolls!” After High School Katelynn hopes to twirl in college while working on a degree in Speech Language Pathology. 

Katherine Adams, Junior
Katherine has been twirling for 4 years with coaches Krystal Miller, Emmanuel Espinoza, and Chelsea Conder. Her favorite twirling trick is a two spin or anything with two baton. After High School she plans to attend Graduate College to earn a PHD in Nursing and graduate without any student loan debt. 

Holly Walton, Senior
Holly has been twirling for 2 years with coach Krystal Miller. Her favorite twirling trick is any two baton trick. After High School she plans to become a teacher. 

Kyndal Houff, Sophomore
Kyndal has been twirling for 3 years with coaches Krystal Miller and Mrs. Zoe. Her favorite twirling trick is back catches. After High School she plans to get a doctorate in Veterinary/Animal Sciences. 

Fun Facts!

Favorite Color – Sea Blue (Katelynn), Blue (Holly), Blue (Katherine), Black (Kyndal)

Favorite Movie – The Nightmare Before Christmas. “I absolutely love clay animation” (Katelynn), Princess and the Frog (Holly), Napoleon Dynamite (Katherine), Little Shop of Horrors (Kyndal)

Favorite Music – Christian Music (Katelynn), Any BTS or Billie Ellish (Holly), Musicals (Katherine), Classical, Alternative, and Rock (Kyndal)

Favorite Quote… 
Katelynn – “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible”-Francis of Assisi
Holly – “The only time you run out of chances is when you give up”
Katherine – “Life’s a garden; dig it” – Joe Dirt

In baton twirling, they have been most Inspired By… 
Katelynn – “My first ever experience seeing a feature twirler was Alex Bridges. I actually wrote an essay about her in junior high and how I wanted to be just like her. I have been inspired by two others along my journey as well: Chelsea Conder and Beth Maddox. Chelsea has been intricate coach with a lot of life lessons to teach. Beth Maddox has been a huge gift to my twirling career. All three of these ladies have inspired me to be the best me and twirler I can be.”
Katherine – "Adely Zavala and Krystal Miller"
Holly – "Katelynn Carter and Kimberly Wembly"
Kyndal – "Katelynn Carter"

When they are not twirling, they love to…  
Katelynn – “Read and write poetry”
Katherine – “Read”
Holly – “Play volleyball, read, take walks, and play Minecraft”
Kyndal – “Read, write, and draw”

Something you may not know about them… 
Katelynn – “I am first chair clarinet, section leader, and my clarinet is as important to me as baton twirling"
Holly – “I love collecting buttons”
Katherine – “I low-key like to clean when I’m bored”
Kyndal – “I listen to Metal music when I am feeling grunge-y”

Best Advice from their Coaches… 
Katelynn – “Girl you got this! Just go out there and have fun!” and “You’re going to do great cause God is with you.”
Holly – “Even if your lost, just keep smiling!” and “Point your toes!”
Katherine – “Practice” and “Grab that thing!”
Kyndal – “Just stand up and look for the baton” (after a toss cartwheel or flips)

These twirlers have a lot of great moments together including their Twirling Sleepover, and Lip Sync Battles. They get to laugh together a lot, but also learn quite a few things. 

When asked what the #1 non-twirling life skill they learned is, they all agreed it was time management. We all know that it is hard to be a student involved in extra-curricular activities but twirling especially takes a lot of additional training time. This has led to their best advice for a future twirler… “Practice daily! Don’t wait or put it off”. 

We are so excited for these ladies and we cannot wait to see what a great time they have on the field this season. Smile big, practice hard, and have fun! Go Bulldogs!

We hope you have enjoyed this edition of our FNL Feature. Have a favorite High School or Collegiate Twirler that you would like to see interviewed? Please contact us at with their name and email address so that we can reach out to them!

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