Friday, October 12, 2018

Friday Night Lights Feature - Founders Classical Academy

Hello Texas Twirl Fans!

We are almost two months in to the Football season, and well into the marching band competition season. We love seeing all the pics of Texas Twirlers performing with their school programs.

Today we continue on the journey to meet a new High School Feature Twirler each week to celebrate all the beautiful twirlers that are representing our sport under those Friday Night Lights. Tonight we venture up to the Dallas area to meet the Founders Classical Academy Feature Twirler, Chailie Alsaffar!

Chailie has had a different introduction to field twirling. This senior did not originally audition because her school was so new, but before long they allowed her on the field where she sparkles as she leaps and jumps across the field. When asked what she will miss the most when she graduates, she said she will "miss twirling for my school, since it is my last high school marching season".

As the first and only twirler for the Dallas Founders Classic Academy, Chailie has been able to bring many firsts to the school, including her favorite moment as a field twirler, which was when she got to twirl fire in front of her peers. What a fun experience for her and the community!

While things like twirling fire can be exciting, Chailie tells us that every moment she is twirling is special to her. "I love all my twirling moments because they made me the twirler I am today!" Love that! She did tell us, though, that all the moments aren't as graceful as you may think. "Honestly, anytime I fall in practice it is funny!" Her ability laugh with herself while also appreciating each opportunity explains why Chailie has had such a successful twirling career, and why she will go great places in life.

Now that we have learned about how much Chailie has gained from twirling for FCA, let's find out a little more about Chailie and her daily life.

Chailie Alsaffar, Senior
Competition Level: Intermediate

Chailie has been twirling for five years with the Texas Touch of Class and Coaches Shirley Payne and Sheila Payne-Rigelsky. The title she is the most proud of winning was National Junior Intermediate X-Strut championship. Her favorite competition trick is a high toss one spin illusion and her favorite field trick is a high toss leap, somersault, catch in the split. In baton twirling, she has been the most inspired by her TTOC Teammate, and current University of Texas Feature Twirler, Erica Kuntz, and former College Miss Majorette of America, Nicole Jensen.

Fun Facts!
Favorite Singer - Ariana Grande
Favorite Color - Blue
Favorite Movie - The Princess Bride

Favorite Quote...
"Don't let anyone treat you like free salsa. You are guac, baby girl, guac!"

When she is not twirling she loves to...
"Look on Pinterest for meal prep recipes."

Something people might not know about her is...
"I have a very sarcastic sense of humor."

Baton twirling has taught Chailie many things about life. She says the number one life skill she has learned from baton twirling is time management. "I have learned how to manage my time well with baton twirling. It has helped me live a more balanced life."

Another great lessons she has learned came as sage life advice from her coach. Her coach told her "If you can't bark with the big dogs, get off the porch". This is advice she will keep with her as she moves on in to her future, where she plans to attend college to study meteorology, "and hopefully twirl as well".

As for field twirling, Chailie has discovered the best way to be prepared is to practice how you perform. When asked what advice she would pass on to a future Feature Twirler, she said "I would advise them to practice outside as much as possible to get used to the elements". This is great advice and something many twirlers should add to their regular practice schedules.

We want to thank Chailie so much for taking the time to do an interview with us. We know her amazing body work and twirling skills just light up on the field while representing her school, and we can't wait to see she continues on from here!

We hope you have enjoyed this edition of our FNL Feature. Have a favorite High School or Collegiate Twirler that you would like to see interviewed? Please contact us at texastwirlcontact@gmail.comwith their name and email address so that we can reach out to them!


  1. Love that you take the time to give this opportunity to young student athletes that are beyond the usual sports/documentaries.Something so wonderful and real about the goals and dreams of these young students.The dedication and commitment they have is exemplary.

  2. This is a fabulous article and waht a great honor for Chailie. As a former athlete it was great to see all aspects of what is imoortant to her and how she managed to get there. Great inspiration for younger girls and those who may have to start somewhere where there is little support. So proud of you Chae!!