Tuesday, January 1, 2019

3...2...1... Happy 2019! 2018 Year End Countdown

Happy 2019 Texas Twirl Fans!

The new year always brings memories of the year that has past, and so much hope for the year to come.

Texas Twirling had many amazing moments in 2018... the CMMOA title coming home to Baylor, 5 Texas Twirlers winning the modeling in their National Pageant, 5 baton twirlers competing in Miss Texas, etc. With the fantastic talent that is developing in this State, we cannot wait to see what 2019 brings for #TeamTexas!

For this blog, we have continued to live out our mission to help keep our sport and our community going strong by bringing us together. It just makes every moment of time spent on these posts worth it when we go to contests and see twirlers from all over Texas that may not have known who the others were taking pictures together and enjoying the friendships that come with twirling. #TeamTexas is amazing!

To celebrate, here is our annual Goodbye 2018 post to take a look back at the past year of this blog's existence and recognize those that have helped contribute to our mission...

*Total Number of Blog Page Views Since January 1st - 48,702
*First Blog Post of 2018 - Contest Calendar Series: Dallas Twirling Festival Update
*Top Friday Night Lights Feature Post - Lubbock Coronado High School, Kirby Stanek
*Top Collegiate Twirler Spotlight Post -Vanderbilt University, Haylee Castagna
*Highest Viewed #TeamTexas AYOP 2018 Post - Vick's Chicks
*Highest Number of Likes on Instagram - #TwirlerTuesday post of the Texas Tech Twirlers
*Highest Number of Likes on Facebook - Monahans HS Twirlers Practicing for football season
*Highest Number of Shares on Facebook -Monahans HS Twirlers Practicing for football season 
*Highest Viewed Miss Texas 2018 - Meet the Twirlers: Miss Fort Worth, Erica Kuntz
*Highest Viewed Contest Calendar Series - 2018 Southwest Regional Championship

Top 10 Posts By Page View Numbers:
         #1: 2,961 page views - 2018 Fall Twirler Announcement - Abilene Christian University
         #2: 2,283 page views - Friday Night Lights Feature - Lubbock Coronado High School
         #3: 2,035 page views - Miss Texas 2018 Meet the Twirlers - Miss Fort Worth
         #4: 1,734 page views - Friday Night Lights Feature - Founders Classical Academy
         #5: 1,627 page views - Collegiate Twirler Spotlight - Vanderbilt University
         #6: 1,477 page views - 2018 Fall Twirler Announcement - Stephen F Austin University
         #7: 1,401 page views - Friday Night Lights Feature - Winston Churchill Hight School
         #8: 1,360 page views - Miss Texas 2018 Meet the Twirlers - Miss San Antonio
         #9: 1,217 page views - 2018 Texas Collegiate Twirler Audition Guide
         #10: 1,093 page views - Friday Night Lights Feature - Shiner High School

Congrats to all of those who made it into the end of year wrap up and Top 10 list, and a big THANK YOU to everyone who has read, liked, shared, or contributed to any of our posts this year.

While we do have our Contest Calendar Series, Contest Wrap-Up Series, Collegiate Twirler Audition Guide and Announcements, plus some new post series in progress, we are always looking for fun, new angles and information to share. Have an idea for an upcoming post or some exciting news to share with the community? Email texastwirlcontact@gmail.com.

Until the next post, we leave you with our wishes that you have a fantastic new year...

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